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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robot Chicken Season 5 Review

Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD / Blu Ray Promo - Directors Cut from Jason Maris on Vimeo.

Robot Chicken: Season Five [Blu-ray]

Robot Chicken going to cluck you up hard and fast and all up your ____ . Anyway, Season 5 keeps Robot Chicken alive and just like last month's Aqua Teen introduces episode 100. I'm findin it strange it has un-aired episodes. I wonder why this happened before on the last Aqua Teen release.

What this DVD comes with is commentary on every episode from nerds, who love nerd things. The un-aired Knight Rider skit had me laughing so hard I thought I gained psychic powers and my head would explode  filling up with head juice. Knight Rider 2000 is so bruatlly beat down and made fun of it should be legally dead. I hope it's dead too, what an awful, awful show.

 Episode 100 was like getting into a fight with all the old scenes and characters, which it was. Like a bad martial arts movie, the robot chicken from the opening theme, really had to fight his way to the top of the fortress of the mad scientist. Episode 100 is an episode worthy of going, "What the Hell I'm I seeing?" Three words Power Forest Ranger

Video games, classic cartoons, comics, current shows, movies all are made fun of, all are treated as source material. Robot kind of branched out more into just skits that have no reference creating their own little skits, references can also be just about the lives of celebrities it looks like. Take for example Dog Phone. What the Hell is Dog Phone. It's the stupidest product ever. A phone for dogs to stay in touch with each other. The time that had to go in just getting how it would work on a dog's head... oh so silly. From Superman being treated like a bitch to awkward moments between Princess Peach parent's and Mario. You never know what will happen next.

They really got Christopher Lyyod for an episode, to take on his role of Doc Brown again. One of the dumbest music videos ever comes from this. I'm amazed of only using Lyyod for just Doc Brown, he's been in so many other films, even Star Trek.

Oh Rubix, the Amazing Cube reference. So very painful, so very funny. The shows is dark ending with the 13 year-old Stephanie Miscarried and having Snoopy shoot "The End" into her still frame stomach tells you how far the Robot Chicken crew is willing to go. Far as the end of the rainbow, like showing Dorthy's boobs pressed on glass and the sound of them on glass playing into the credits. Nudity and all you can see when you get the blu-ray or dvd version

I don't get the Stoopid Monkey's new look, is it reflecting Bathing Ape of Japan or just anime?

Remember cats are jerks, He-Man does steroids, and don't make a cyborg chicken watch never-ending nonsense for years then kidnap his girlfriend. Pick up some nice tasty chicken and you"ll be full of laughter and head juice.