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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cartoon Hype: Batman Brave and The Bold Was A Great Series

Batman: Brave and the Bold's last episode might be one of the best endings for a cartoon ever. Written by the great Paul Dini, "Mitefall!" is a fan good-bye to one of the best Batman series that have been.

Batman: Brave and the Bold started out pretty bad, but after a few episodes the series grew into a delight for older fans and new ones. Bat-Mite honestly brought this up while breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience in just the beginning of the episode.

Z- Lister Ambush Bug makes his debut and shows how he's a hero in his own knowing his a fictional character way. Dini through Bat-Mite and Ambush Bug takes us through many in-jokes about cartoons and the cartoon industry. From the Neon Talking Super Street Bat Luge that a toy company forced in the show to having Batman have a sitcom family. Different voice casting in the form of Ted McGinley of Married with Children fame.
The greatest point might have been Batman handling guns. Something that the caped crusader would never do, which I don't want to ruin the story ,but makes a great impact to the dark knight, who makes a great impact to us in his passing words and what it means to him to be a hero.

His final words to fans young and old of the show are simply what Batman is an avenging hero who will always be there somewhere in are psyche.

Cartoon Network might have matured and given fans a nod that they understand the process of how shows run their courses and to move on and enjoy the next series. Talk of a darker series has been around for a while. The episode previews a new series starting Batgirl in CGI, CGI isn't always the correct choice.

The last episodes that for some unknown reason have yet to air in America, including "Mitefall!", are tremendously campy and funny with some good smack down violence. I'm sad to see the series go, when  it really seemed like it could keep going and even have some Saturday morning spin-offs or even a new DC super hero hour. However, the show ended production months ago or maybe even a year at this point and I'm sure the team is on other projects.

Be sure to check them out stateside, I'll post when they start showing them again.
I'll never forget you Neon Talking Super Street Bat Luge!