Monday, November 28, 2011

The Huntington Japanese Garden Reopens 2012

 The Huntington Japanese Garden is scheduled to reopen April 11th 2011. The beauty of the place has been known as the best spot in all the Huntington. With the addition of a tea house, which was actually built in Kyoto Japan and shipped back here to America it will be even more splendid. It's nine acres big, making it large than the Woodley Japanese Garden by two and a half acres. It seems like another spot to get lost in at The Huntington, with it's multiple gardens and art collections.

Here's some more info about the reopening

Here's my article on visiting Huntington

Be sure to mark your calendar for April for the revival of the garden.

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108