Saturday, November 12, 2011

AFI Fest 2011: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Panos Cosmatos needs to direct the Portal movies. I'm talking Chell, Glados and some pie lie.

 Panos Cosmatos simply spouted something like " I hope you enjoy it" and abandoned the theater.

He would not be the only one as others left and never came back. Truly funny was the "group leave" as one person left, others from different parts of the theater got up and followed. Fools! I loved the film and  wasn't even high. They also left right before the story picked up.



 Some where over the the rainbow, that's where telekinetic freaks will be. A journey about a young girl trying to escape a cult in 1986. This isn't your average cult and this isn't your average young lady. Where the movie Resident Evil got everything wrong about a powerful women whose has telekinetic powers fighting for her life, this movie got right and I like Resident Evil. The problem was Alice was way too powerful and young Alena might be too, but she has her power in check by some strange device that's never full explained.

All that encompasses this movie is Dr. Nyle, an instant villain you love to hate.  Every word that drops like blood from an open soar is filled with hate from Dr. Nyle. Barry Nyle, that is, so 80's. Every moment talking to someone else is a pain for the doctor watching over Elena. Actor Michael Rogers captures your hate right away. He is the perfect villain and he loves Elena. You should not be loved by sickos.

The movie grabbed me right away with the commercial for the Arboria Initiative. The institue's facade of trying to gain happiness by any means. It sets you up for a psychedelic romp best described by the poetic title of a black rainbow.

 With Beyond The Black Rainbow I could eat up the cinematography and special effects with a spoon. One scene taking place in the 60's which is blurry and has the cast almost a light beings instantly grabs you. The scene seems to be involving Barry reaching some sort of enlightenment, but things go bad, very bad. Mixed with this transcendence scene is Barry's mind traveling through different dimensions or plains of thought, depicted by just his head traveling through different matter and places. It's breath taking and reminded me of an short film I did where a nuclear blast engulfed to lovers and their heads melted via Terminator 2 Sarah Connor's freak out. This comes to abrupt end of Barry coming back into a world of light dark and sick.

Other scenes of just the Arboria Initiative capture Portal to me, specifically Alena's escape towards the end. In many ways it was almost like a video game you've played before with ingenious new monsters. I want more sensanaout! You'll have to see the film to understand, but the sensanaut could have easily been carried into a space horror game.

Back to Barry, his visuals depict such a sense of strain and hate and towards the end, he becomes a more visually precise version of himself. A scene where he starts taking off his (secret) and it's revealed to be called "appliances" made me want to learn more about the world. When Barry starts taking to the new Barry in his car for just a second towards the end you realize how far gone he is.

I loved the ending and many people might not like it, they also might not like the second phase of the movie, with the escape that heavily changes from the thick fog of visuals.

This will be a great film to watch right before going to bed.

 Valve hire  Panos Cosmatos as your director for the Portal movie.