Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ben 10 Galactic Racing and Generator Rex Review

Ben 10 Galactic Racing and   Generator Rex
both from Action Man and both about young teens with hard hitting growing up...no I'm just kidding its about a new generation of action heros.

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence starts out like an episode of the show and keeps the writing and story consistent. It didn't take me long to beat, but it's fun kids games that fans of the show will enjoy. There's nothing quite like using your supers to kill nano-machine made freaks.

From Rex's gun arm, sword arm or big ol' fists to his crazy robot legs he uses to smash animal evos with you'll be having fun it this beat-em up.

You seem to track back and fight old enemies and revisits old plots like Rex's love interest, who I kind of hate for being well, incredibly selfish. Another fun little addition was Rex's memento's lying around that you can collect and  set to his room where you start after every new mission. The silly dialougue by the masked members of Providence shows that activision had some fun making it.

Problem wise there's little. Dialogue can look very silly when there isn't a cinematic, I mean the cameras very far out from the characters. At the end of the day it's a one person beat-em up for fans.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing what's up man? You start all nice with an interesting story and funny alien announcers, but then you seem like you gave up along the way. It feels like there should just be more game to this racer. It's plays like Mario Kart, very much like Mario Kart. I don't know why a racer was asked for? Why not got the fan love route and give them a game like Generator Rex instead.

Gameplay can be fun and there's some fun colorful alien race tracks on different planets. The powerups based on Ben's aliens can be fun too.

However, it's hard to control you car and it takes some time, but the game isn't forgiving, if you don't earn 3rd place or 1st or 2nd place in some races you can't play the new tracks. If this is a game for kids it might get boring playing the same tracks over and over again. That's another problem new races take place on the same planets, but in different areas, so you'll go back to ice world a couple of times and other planets multiple times.

The most annoying part was the lack of characters, I don't know how you unlock Vilgax, but I'm two circuits away from beating the game. Where's Gwen? Ben's Girlfriend or that scientist that's like Doctor Who? How about his Grandpa? Not in this game. I know boy's are the main sell for the game, but how is Gwen or any other human character other than Kevin out of the game?

Ben 10 should have been more simple for kids and added a bit more in characters and levels. I see a kid getting frustrated with it. There is at home multiplayer with up to four players, but if you can't unlock more tracks it's going to get boring. D3 needs to try harder before releasing something with out a little more love and knowledge of the show.