Sunday, November 27, 2011

Touch My Katamari Oh King Of The Cosmos I Missed You

Now you can stretch and shrink the ball, damn that does seem fun. I know the creators gone and said he didn't enjoy working at Bandai too much, but they now how to make some Katamari fun.

It makes me think about what I was saying about Bandai Entertainment earlier in the week.  As it's online store is closing other parts of Bandai seem fine. I don't know why Bandai's anime store can't go into Namco Bandai's game store. Just create a new section, solidify and make it stronger.

Just look at Funimation or Capcom, great internet presents, for god sake's Sega has a damn blog that updates. Build a better online community Bandai North America! Oh, wait I forget if you're dead or not because all American game teams were destroyed.