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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Anime Hype: As One Anime Shop Dies Another Is Born

So the online Bandai Store is closing and the Funimation store is opening. I'm not that surprised about the Bandai store, it always seemed like a poor design and was annoying to navigate. I vaguely remember it being attached to a Bandai blog that never updated( last update was in June?). The best way to reach fans is just to talk to them, which Funimation does do quite a bit through their site and facebook.

It's sad to see the store go and with it some connection to Bandai Entertainment. I do blame Bandai for poor management of the site and not connecting to fans online.

Both Funimation and Bandai have great content, but I'm still amazed at how little Bandai did online. Their presence at Anime Expo this year was quite grand, with posters and big news, I don't know why the couldn't have a better online community.

Lastly, Bandai Entertainment has always amazed me for it's lack of connection to it's other division such as games( Namco Bandai Games) and toy), even though it's owned by the same group Namco Bandai, the site has no connection to these other divisons. Very odd, I've always seen Namco Bandai as a strange entity that never tried connecting it's companies here in the west, which is stupid.

the press release
"Bandai Entertainment announced today it will close its ecommerce
website, THE STORE, (on December 29, 2011.

Starting today, store items will be sold at a large discount--up to 50% off on select items while
in-store supplies last. The sale will end the same date as the store closing.

Customers who have been accumulating points via store purchases must use them prior to the
closing date. Orders will not be accepted after 5PM (Pacific Standard Time) December 29, 2011.

Bandai Entertainment reminds internet customers that the company’s DVDs, Blu-rays and other products will continue to be available at other fine online retailers."

Funimation press release

This new e-commerce addition will allow the channel to give discounts to fans, reward  customers with coupons, and offer DVD bundles for special releases and holidays. The online store offers Free Shipping to orders over $25, Pre-Order titles at competitive prices, and great Buy One, Get One Free offers.

For FUNimation Channel’s online store Grand Opening, customers can purchase the DVD bundle for Spice and Wolf Season One at the sale price of $37.49 (a savings of 25%) and get the recently released Season Two at 60% off. The online store is offering its customers Darker Than Black Season One at the sale price of $ 37.48 (a savings of 25%) and get the new second season at 60% off.  Visit for more information.
On Black Friday, Shop will unveil a variety of specials including a “VOD Special” where Video On Demand viewers can purchase select titles from Shop at lower-than-normal sale prices such as:  The Count of Monte Cristo, My Bride is a Mermaid, Samurai Champloo, Ikki Tousen and many more.
Also on-“Darker Than Black Friday” – customers receive 40% off the retail price of either season 1 or season 2 of Darker Than Black.
The specials continue through Cyber Monday where customers can buy Chaos;HEAd and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 at 40% off the retail price.
The site also contains an “Easter Egg” for those hunting for additional bargains on Shop. Visitors who find the “Easter Egg” will be able to take advantage of the special coupon offer.