Thursday, November 17, 2011

LA Auto Show 2011: They Made Real Mario Kart Racers

 That is Nintendo and West Coast Customs created real world Mario Kart Racers to show off to fans at the LA Auto Show that officially starts tomorrow Nov 18th. Just enter the West Lobby and you"ll be able to experience the majesty of Mario's Kart (the Mario Standard Kart)  and Luigi's Bumble V. After the auto show you'll be able to see these racers at the Topanga Canyon Mall, which I recently reported on having a Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Demo booth. I had a chance to talk to Reggie, the President of Nintendo of America and he told me the cars would be sitting in front of the local GameStop at the mall and would be up for grabs as part of the PowerUp Rewards program as an Epic Reward contest. You'll be able to win them in December or see them if you missed them at the Auto Show. You"ll also be able to check out the game they're in Mario 7 at the Auto Show.  Game booths are set up nearby for you to play.

As you'll see below the Karts look amazing, up close as I got, you'd just want to hope in and start playing. Unlike what Jalopnik is reporting they can drive under they're own power and footage of a race between the two custom karts from a future episode of West Coast Customs might be playing on the surrounding screens . There also electric powered, I didn't know the Mushroom Kingdom was so modern.

Reggie gave a great speech explaining the game to the non- gaming press that didn't seem to understand, but liked the bright colors. G4 and CNet new what was going on and I could hear fans in the crowd getting exciting hearing Mario's voice over the speakers. Reggie's voice soon followed explaining how it was time Mario Kart joined the auto show with 80 million units sold in the series. He also took the time to tell about the new power-ups in the game, the hang glider and underwater propeller. You can soar in the air or be somewhat a submarine with these two new add-ons. Mario's Kart had the glider attached, while the propeller sat beside Luigi's V. I didn't get to ask why no Raccoon tail wasn't added, but maybe it wouldn't work that well in the real world.

Here's a video of  Reggie losing at Mario Kart 7 to a girl at the event.

Mario Kart 7  comes out December 7th for 3DS, try and play slightly better than Reggie. If you wonder how it plays, it plays fine. If you've ever played the early titles in the series you should know hot to play right away. If not, the controls are easy to pick up and the cartoony graphics and colorful world with humorous power-ups equals road rage fun with multiple players.

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