Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just Roll Over and Die DC

So I just saw the footage of the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, funny, fun and action packed and MJ's at home cooking dinner? Just look at her pout! Already a fan.

Here's a trailer from some con

It's a huge turn around from some really awful Spider-man cartoons, Spectacular, which was made on the cheap, with ugly character designs and a never heard of before studio and who could forget MTV's CGI Spider-man cartoon, with celebrity guest star voices that failed immediately.

I'm so happy Marvel stole the Man of Action team (gave us Ben 10 and Generator Rex) and Paul Dini, yeah freaking Paul Dini away from Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Oh man ,who messed up?  Did Disney just smash Bendis's face in and told him to stop using cheap studios to produce animation. Did Bruce Timm not just care anymore. Plus, that was a certain Jonah Jameson from the movie, great voice actors too?

Also on the way Season 2 of the Avengers, already a great show for kids and fans of the comics.

So what does DC coming out? DC Nation a one-hour block comprised of some shorts, some good funny looking shorts, and...uh CGI Green Lantern and Batman CGI. Both look ugly, both, well I can't say are poorly written, yet for new Batman, but Alfred is caring guns.

Just to get it out there, I don't want Jim Lee or Geoff Johns praised for finally  connecting WB animation with Cartoon Network for a multimedia connection of getting an audience both into comics and shows . I underlined finally, because if Warner Bros couldn't connect Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros Studios at an executive level, than it was just pathetic and remains pathetic.
( I think both Jim Lee and Geoff Johns and incredible amount of work for comics, but there egos are way too inflated at this point)

In closing roll over and die DC Nation, I'm sure in time you'll generate award winning entertainment, but not for years(shorts might win awards). Your basically already dead now. Marvel will beat you, it will beat you easily. It's sad, because I'm really a DC fanboy.