Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventure Time Time: Adventure Time Gets It's Own Comic Book

Adventure Time is getting is own comic book via Boom! Studios. It's going to be written by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) with artists Shelli Paroline (no idea) and Braden Lamb( still no idea).
via Comics Alliance
Here's the real covers below

It won't be out till February. No word on any stories or anything, probably won't have an overall story arc, just some short stories I'm guessing. I'm kind of scared for it, I'd rather people from the show did it. Ryan North is someone I haven't really cared for and the covers they've shown seems like generic images from the show. I wonder how they were thought of. Hey, these are some characters from the show that appeared once, put them on the cover, maybe said an exec.

I know it's a kids comic, but when you adapt something and don't really care it shows.  So many people working on the show have friends in comics, so it's strange to see it come from this format.

Anyway, good excuse for comic related fan art to be shown