Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review Which Phoenix Will I Choose Now?

Ladies and Gentleman, raccoons from outer space with guns, I give you the ultimate nerd dream given form, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 .

It's like having McDonald's Fiesta Meal. I have no idea what a Fiesta Meal is since it doesn't exist, but if you could only imagine the greatest meal McDonald's has to offer you'd have the Fiesta Meal.

This game is a fiesta frenzy of comic and video game insight mixed with enough craziness and speed that an ADD heroine addicted cyclist could only see it as slow. The games back and it's $40, so yeah complain or just get it.

For $40 right out of the gate you get brand new characters and little tweaks that just make the game twinkle just a little more. The new opening movie made my nerd heart almost skip a beat, it's so much power, so much action, so many references. It's like watching the opening credits to your favorite movie. I don't know why they just don't make a deal with DC Nation and just throw them into. I know Warner Bros games exist, but Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe ( now your suppose to call it DC Nation?) sheesh, its just.. Capcom should have made it.

So whats new and why should you pick it up now, more characters my friends. I love a certain British accented Raccoon from space who sets traps and curses. Rocket Raccoon you sir are a strategic genius and adorable. How about some law on your side with Phoenix Wright, whose attacks from sneezing to tripping are comically hilarious. Doctor Strange is in and he's bringing the pain, magic bolts gonna blast away your face. Hawkeye, Hawkeye's a huge jerk. With minimal talk from the characters the game has once again captured the personas of each Marvel hero or villain.
Capcom bringing Frank West as another zombie killer cheers me up with his use of multiple everyday weapons and a shopping cart full of hurt. Strider and T-Type are more great additions. I don't know who was calling for Firebrand or Vergil. Vergil Dante's jerk brother appeared only in one game I think and has some nice sword attacks, but I'd rather have some other fun characters than a Wesker 2 in style. His style isn't like Wesker, more like a magic blade cuts you from out of nowhere kind of guy. Playing with him though, he's another fun choice to cut someone to smithereens with.

I can't say no to Nova, the total rip-off Green Lantern. He's a bad ass version of Green Lantern and frankly a more compelling read sometimes in the comics. When he takes time to Nova Punch someone, it just makes you love their fiery downfall or up in the air upheaval that burns so well. Talking about burns, there's a new man with his head on fire, see you later Dormammmu, say hell to Ghost Rider. A Hell on wheels biker with a chain that will strike you down. It's funny to see a mainly on their motorcycle character come to the game. He's heavy, but his chains make up for it.

New stages like a send up to the old school cover of the X-Men "Future Past" with old characters from the series tugs at the comic hear strings/ Mega Man still looked alive, not slain or captured. This is 1 of 8 new stages.

The fighting system has been tweaked to a bit faster and more balanced or just feels more in touch with controls. Learning the moves of each characters is fairly simple, but pulling of hyper combos and really special attacks, takes a little bit of skill. It's worth it to see the super powerful attacks played out.Once again fights are all over the place, people having mutant, ninja, magic, robotic, spiritual, martial and sheer charisma will do that.

One part I still love is the back and forth between characters that only readers of comics and players of games will get between characters. Why Dr. Strange keeps bringing up Dr. Strangelove or a all female Defenders is silly to say the least. Dirty old wizard.

Yet, I won't more, more characters I say Capcom! More, where's Mega Man? Where's Rock dammit? Where's Protoman? I hate Zero, everyone hates Zero, leave him and give me my Mega!

We want the whole X-Men roster from previous games, all you have is time now to add more characters, so do it Capcom. More stages as well.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is a game to lose your weekend playing with your friends, and you can do it online, but it's so much more fun to yell as possible in your house.

A bonus is Galactus in now playable, either his unlocked if you have a previous games save from MvC3 or you got to earn him.

Pre-orders from different retailers earn you different costumes that have some really silly choices like Elvis Modak.

Here's some fan art I had lying around for the game.

Game provided by Capcom for review