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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland Review

 Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: A Book by Patton Oswalt

 What are you a Zombie, Spaceship or Wasteland? What does that mean? You'll have enter the mind of nerd comedian Patton Oswalt. You've seen him in the trailers for Young Adult or on a comedy special or a side character in some shoe. He died in Blade 3, I think.

He's book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland isn't simply a autobiography or well though out essays on humanity threw nerd point of view as Wired wrote about a year ago when the hardcover came out. Now that they paperback has come out and the book has become a New York Time Best Seller you might want to pick up it up.

Patton's book could have easily come out of the McSweeny's line. While reading it it reminded me of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, a section on Hobos really made it feel like I just picked up John's book again.

When you first start reading it you'll notice how much it jumps around like a random series of thoughts. Your really looking into Patton's thought process.  It's starts of with Patton in his teens than jumps to a rewrite of some terrible studio movie about a wedding. I like these sudden jumps, instead off a simple autobiography were given a Quantum Leaps of random tells and stories, like a conversation with Patton.

The script write up might have been may have been my favorite section. I've heard about it from so many stand up comedians and the process of going back to a finished movie and fixing minor things in post, but my god, that movie sounds awful. I wondered if it was shelved forever.

The most painful was hearing some of the early stuff he did in his career. The crap he endured starting out as a comedian, the shady douche he had to deal with is an amazing tale of human pain, taking place in Canada. Right after that is a new sort of soul pain as Patton tells of the experience of a gift suite and how awful he felt going to it. I like right after he just headed to his local comic shop .

House of Secrets
 1930 West Olive Avenue  Burbank, CA 91506-2438

(818) 562-1900   

The nerd comes out even more in his poem to his fallen Dungeons and Dragons character who died such a bad ass death he did deserve a poem written about him. His depiction and life his so thorough, you'll want a short movie about him.

Once again by reading the book you'll get the title and find out what you are. We all kind of want to be spaceships, but a lot of us become Zombies our Wastelands. I think reading the book will make you want to become more of a spaceship.

I highly recommended picking it up, it's so cheap now and well worth it. I'd like him to continue with more books, but he really has stand-up to get it all out, still Vampire Submarine Flat Plain could be nice.