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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Adult Swim Slowly Taking Over Hollywood

With the upcoming Adult Swim Art Show this Jan and now these special cast and crew meet-ups Adul Swim is slowing taking over all entertainment and outlets in Hollywood.

Space Ghost: Coast To Coast - cast/creators reunion!
Saturday Dec 03, 2011 5:00 PM
The Cinefamily (View Venue)
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Yes, Space Ghost is back and without it, there might have been no Adult Swim. This reunion will be stupid, very stupid and funny.

Adult Swim presents Brad Neely: From Creased Comics to China, IL

Brad Neely (China,IL) is back at the Cinefamily, I actually interviewed the last time he hit it up. It went badly. I both like and hate the new show, I kind of like the old less fluid animation format.

Here's a repost of it. oh wow I kind of predicted the show coming out, cool.

Brad Neely Interview

Jonathan: How'd you set up a evening with yourself at the Silent Movie Theater?

Brad Neely: When I was littler I used to feel a great rush of tingles when I jumped to the ground from a tree limb. Later, after getting bigger, I revisited that limb and found that the tingle came even without climbing to jump.

J: Any future plans for your work, maybe you got a show? I haven't seen any new work in a while, why?

B: Sometimes a human decides to listen to other humans. I did this. I used to happily catch my fish from the river. I only wondered what life would be like past the desert, near the sea. Now I fucking know. Now I fucking know how sea fish taste. They taste like TV.

J: What can fans except at the show?
B: I will tell the tale that is told always simultaneously, in fact, while it is being told in huge flickering wall pictures. We will all remember being young, and we will all laugh the laugh of parents. We will laugh like the parents of ourselves, especially when the huge human heads laugh on the wall.

J: What are your favorite comics? Interests?

B: I enjoy the rare few moments on earth when no souls hurt. These are mostly between 3:33 and 3:35 AM. You can tell when all humans are safe and sound. It's easy! Here's the key: You've awoke to piss but instead you go in the kitchen to look for candy. When you find that there isn't candy you don't cry like a baby. No. You go and sit on the toilet like a man so that your urine stream doesn't wake the house. That is how you know the world is ok; you didn't cry.

Those were his real answers HAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHA