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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life in the Analog Age Review

Part of Dumm Comics is an online tale of Gabe Swarr's childhood through some sort of anthropomorphic animal. We relive the 80's through Gabe's eyes in silly short bursts. Soon the comic will be up for purchase here. Whose Gabe Swarr? He's an Emmy award winning cartoonists, worked on Ren and Stimpy and a IAM8BIT artists. Currently, he works on the new Kung-Fu Panda series, I think he's in charge.

Life in the Analog Age takes us back to Gabe's youth and you see how much he loved Transformers. Not only Transformers love, also Back To The Future love. Sorry, there's a lot of geeking out in his strips.

There usually about him postulating on what he was like as a child or how he thought of the world as a child. It stars himself and his family with surprisingly no dialogue, just narration. What really is shown is how well a cartoonists Gabe is. A simple comic and format that entertains with a sort of nostalgic look to the past with a three color palette.