Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Danger 5 So Much Better Than PFFR

Adult Swim/ Comedy Central get off your ass/es and make this a show on your network/s. Stop funding PFFR. The Heart, She Holler was crap, this is a million times better with roughly the same budget or probably smaller budget.

Yeah, I know Patton Oswalt was in it, but he can't save an entire show, King of Queens wasn't held up by him. He wrote a damn good book I'm reviewing.

No, no Titmouse, too. Give up on Titmouse.

What, oh yeah stop hiring Patton's friends for voice work, uh Brian Posehn. Funny guy, but it made no sense he was a speedsteer in Transformers Animated or the robot on the Sym-Bionic Titan.

Okay great, now cancel The Looney Tunes Show and your set.

Good job on ThunderCats

uh Green Lantern, same as the movie all hype, no substance and it's kind of obvious Bruce Timm doesn't like the character, he chose both Kyle and Jon before ever showing Hal through his shows.

Buh, buh buh, worried about new Batman. Alfred will not have guns in final draft, I'm sure that's been talked about in a meeting Sam


Sam! You paying attention

I don't no how the art got past anyone that Batman would work with a gun-toting Alfred, ridiculous.

Sket Dance might be a good new anime for Adlut Swim, but it seems you gave up on anime, check it out.