Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adventure Time Time: All A Dream? Not A Snow Globe?

Adventure Time Time is dead! Long live Adventure Time Time. I'm going to post all Adventure Time related stuff, to it's own blog. This will be the last Adventure Time post on the site unless something really cool in LA will be happening involving the show. I will probably remind everyone on Mondayto head over there from nw on for Adventure Time news

This fan art really freaks me out, if the show really ended this way with this reveal of it all being in Finn's  head it might be super touching or super sad. I hope Finn gets better in whatever fan fiction that  I found randomly online.

Also why is there no Ice King Snow Globe yet or Finn and Jake frozen in ice figure?

Wow, "Thank You" is now a holiday special now out tonight at 8pm

Thomas Herpich's "Thank You" episode is now up for an Oscar with 45 other shorts, above is he's back story from King City #8 about an online cat master. I hope he can get Brandon Graham creator of King City into Adventure Time somehow.  "Thank You" will be screened at Animation Breakdown festival at the Cinefamily this early December probably at this event with the Adventure Time Panel. I say probably, because it's not listed , but announced through the previous link.

L.A. Draw: Los Angeles Animators' Brunch & Panel

 Above someone imagined how an episode of Adventure Time is planned out, it's somewhat similiar to how an episode is watched by the crew when it premieres at Moore's neraby.
Here's a comparison chart of how the crew draws Finn and there different styles. Look Chogrin's in it, I interview him.