Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's Fight Forever! Q Pop Kamen Rider Vs Sentai Rangers Art Show

Q Pop Shop's Owner and Curator of Kamen Rider Vs Sentai Rangers, Chris Mitchell poses next to a Kamen Rider Gasaphon machine from the past. Last Saturday November 5th fans that grew up with Japanese super heroes Kamen Rider and Sentai Rangers (Power Rangers) had the pleasure of seeing art based on both mighty action packed franchises at Little Tokyo's JACCC.
The art ranged from colorful exploits to sullen thoughts of justice by the heroes. Giant mechs and monsters, henchmen and long scarfs were all masterfully drawn, painted and sewn together for the event. With the big Kamen Rider statue Gasaphon machine dead center, that use to dispense toys from it's knee, you knew everyone was having a super time posing next to it.
 Check out more pics of the event below.

 Chogrin brought some Power Rangers love
 While Corey Lewis gave us some Kamen Rider hugs

Hine Mizushima was in the Super iam8bit show too.

 I wish this piece had accompanying pieces of the other rangers with different perspectives of the monster from different angles. Possibly, lining them up horizontally together for a cool effect.