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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blood and Guts, Awesome Belts and Scarves

 I'm so sorry I didn't take footage or better pictures of the most silly and sad cosplay competitions I've ever seen. The Henshin Contest from Anime Jungle outside of the Kamen Rider Vs. Senati Rangers show was possibly one of the saddest affairs I've ever seen. It started not very loudly with a wonky sound system that couldn't fill the space outside the JACCC. It continued with many contestants not even in any cosplay. The one person who was really in costume got thrown out of the event early on
 Those are the judges on the left and they did not talk at all. It was so brilliantly dumb, they stayed in character, which meant not talking out loud and merely gesturing to convey yea or nay. The prizes were toys, expensive as Hell import toys, but hardly anyone did anything for the event except put on a belt and fake transform.
 No group ever reached the five person limit of a Sentai group, no one practiced for very long and no one could hear anything.
 You had to be there to witness what might be at the worst part of Anime Expo or at least banished to the Karaoke room of it.
 The only thing I will say is there were many cool jackets that people wore to the art show that night and outside to watch the event.