Sunday, November 6, 2011

LA EigaFest 2011 Selection

Below is a selection of films I'm interested in seeing at EigaFest the brand new Japanese Film Festival coming to Hollywood and Highland.

Eiga Film Festival
Nov 11-13
Chinese 6
6801 Hollywood Boulevard,
  Hollywood, CA 90028

Short Films are free  btw
Let me say a lot of these are going to be very weird movies, I'm kind of amazed that Warped Forest from director Shunichiro Miki, who gave us Funky Forest isn't apart of it.

Instead we have the guy who created Vermillion Pleasure Night, which is solid crazy already, why not que it up and Netflix and see what I'm talking about

Milocrorze: A Love Story

Takshi Miike might be the the most prolific film maker in Japan right now, he just keeps doing film after film


She has a chainsaw sword nuff said


I just want to put on my god-damn play, but now my estranged wife has come back and lost her memory that we broke up and in my village 300 year old customs say I can't tell her to get lost.

Underwater Love

Kappa +musical+ pinka eiga (soft core Japanese porn)  = Underwater Love