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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello, Ms Ryoko Tenchi Girls at PMX

Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo will be appearing at PMX next weekend. Yes, the first space pirate cutie alien girl to enter your anime world will be talking about the show with the rest of the tenchi crew.

Her original voice actress that is, Petrea Burchard, who happens to have her own blog  Pasadena Daily Photo and currently lives in Pasadena.

I stumbled upon her site just the other day and was surprised she was just taking photos with her free time now. She apparently did enough work in anime and got married to a good husband that she never needed to do the role of Ryoko again.

On that note the other voice of Ryoko will be in attendance. Sadly, the voices of Ayeka, Kiyone, and  Washu won't be in attendance, so it's not all the ladies of Tenchi Muyo at this PMX  event. Also I guess there's "No Need for Tenchi" as I don't see his voice actors name being in attendance.

Nov 13th
"A main focus panel will take place at 12:00 PM in the Live Programming 2 Room (Los Angeles A) and conclude by 1:00pm. An open autograph session will follow the panel at 1:00PM in the Autographs Room and conclude by 2:00pm. A panel for our press attendees will wrap things up at 2:00PM and conclude by 3:00pm."