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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Game Hype: Strider and Dustforce Clean Up Bad Guys

Strider, last seen in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, returns in his own digital title Feb 18. The game will go for $14.99 on the PSN, XBLA and PC (Steam).

This new reincarnation of the famous platformed has been waited on by fans for some time. One of the more entertaining gameplay aspects is picking up a fallen comrades costume and wearing it unlocking new abilities. Change Strider to be the most fashionable and most deadly. There will be a Challenge Mode and a Survival Mode beyond Story Mode.

Dustforce, has hit online stores on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, with the Xbox 360 release coming soon. It's going for $9.99. This platform jumping cleaning up eye candy game was first seen by TTDILA at a local Game Night at Giant Robot. Now you can get into the parkour clean-up action on your own. The PSN version has cross play with the Vita and PS3 and online multiplayer.