Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aled Lewis’ Such Pixels Preview Opens Friday Feb. 7th

Aled Lewis’ Such Pixels seems like a reverse of Scott Campbell's friendly Great Showdowns series. We're looking forward to it here at TTDILA, video games and art, a wonderful combination.

Anybody want to challenge Aled to Street Fighter at the opening? He looks like he wants to blow off some steam. Prediction: Moby Dick Vs Captain Ahab will be a piece, a literary smack-down fighter anyone? See more televisions and movie moments illustrated in pixels this Friday.

Aled Lewis’ Such Pixels 
Opening Reception:Friday, Feb. 7th, 7-10 PM,
G1988 (West)
Aled will be in attendance, he's based in England, so mind that jet lag and that he doesn't speak our English, like it's totally cool Bro.If he's a cockney have fun trying to understand what he has to say. Don't stare at his teeth.