Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Giveaway Contest Now Until September 27

Do you need more Adventure Time content coming out of the orifices of your head? Presumably your mouth?

Need something to show off to friends or relatives who don't get cartoons and will go, "that's nice" , but will never truly understand how nice it is.

Do you need a compendium of knowledge drawn from the depths of you worst nightmares, written by someone something with the capacity of evil unbound about a boy and his dog in a magical land with candy people and talking everything?

The good folks over at Abrams were nice enough to give me three copies of The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia to giveaway in a contest here on the site. From now until the 27th of September you could win a copy of the book for free.


The amazing guide to the land of Ooo and info on Finn, Jake, PB, LB, LSP and other initials is up for grabs. Just send an e-mail to [email protected] with The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Giveaway Contest as the subject. Include your full name, age and address. That's it you don't have to write anything else. Three winners will be chosen at random once the contest is over and will be sent the book for free. This wonderful book written by Martin Olson who happens to be the Lord of Evil could be yours without having to pay for it and not with the chance of going to jail for theft.

Contest open to US residents only. Your info will not be shared or used for marketing purposes.