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Monday, September 16, 2013

Movie Hype: Fantastic Fest Favs

Fantastic Fest, the New York Asian Film Festival and now the San Fransisco Japanese Film Festival are what I look to for the best upcoming movies that I will enjoy. Fantastic Fest takes place in Texas through the Alamo Draft House. We aren't schedule for their new theater here in LA until 2014. The Fantastic Fest 2013 schedule blew me away instantly with it's U.S. Premiere of Kid's Police. This movie recently came out of Japan based on a series where a cop team has been turned into children via poison gas, very similar to Case Closed/Detective Conan, I know. There's been only one episode properly subtitled in English. This makes me hope that some sort of U.S. distribution deal can be made. I already pleaded a while back for Funimation to pick it up. The show upon viewed by any of my friends has been, let's watch the next episode. Oh, please come here Kid's Police film.

Damn, I even love there little icons for what's in the movie placed above it's summary of the film in it's film guide. Why can't we have such nice film guides here!

Kid’s Police

Oh, come on you know I already want to watch this, it comes to LA soon enough in Oct

Jodorowsky’s Dune

I nearly forgot reading about this years ago after seeing The Holy Mountain when it came out of Criterion. Jodorowsky is an insane director and to see what he though he could do with a film cursed to fail, a sci-fi epic must be a thrill to watch.

Ninja Eliminator 3

Boobs turn into cats, you have me.


Damn you again Fantastic Fest!  US Premiere of Gatchaman. Revised team of Japanese superheroes.

Grand Piano

If  Elijah Wood plays a wrong note in his piano performance he'll be killed by a sniper? What? Taking place in real time.

The Congress

An aged actress sells her image, literally sells her image in the future. Take the crazy train into some heavy animation and sci-fi future weirdness. Celebrity last forever or until you awful descdants sell you to a mega corporation.

Cheap Thrills

A father whose about to be evicted sells himself off to a rich couple are sick.