Friday, September 27, 2013

Anime Hype: Attack on Titan Season Finale

Oh My G-d! Does anyone watch Attack on Titan? If you want to watch a misery train powered by human sadness...hahah ... it's so depressing. One of those great series where you love to hate. An enemy so powerful, so evil. You want it dead, you want it to be a painful death. You just are frothing at the mouth waiting to see if the heroes can defeat these enemies. I came back to the series after a hiatus and it was a perfect time. You might want to skip a few arcs and just go right into the "57th Expedition Beyond the Walls" arc. I hope Toonami picks this up, until then you can check it out online through Funimation or wait for home release from them some time in 2014 with probably EVA 3.33 and the next DBZ film unless we get lucky and the let them out in 2013.