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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Broad Art Museum Free Admission 2014

The Broad Art Museum, scheduled to open in late 2014 just announced it will be free to the public. I assume, just like the Getty museums you'll still have to reserve tickets. For special events you'll most likely have to pay a fee. Still, a brand new art museum you can generally visit for free sounds amazing for the city that bought a 10 million dollar boulder. Oh, looking at you LACMA, be prepared to be less loved by the art community!

Here's what's is suppose to be like traveling through the place

"Visitors will travel up a 102-foot escalator, through the second-floor vault that houses the vast store of artworks in the Broad collections, and emerge into the third-floor gallery that features 23-foot ceilings and 318 skylights that filter in diffused sunlight. Visitors will exit the gallery by a glass-enclosed stair that will offer glimpses into the second-floor storage, giving a hint of the artworks that may be displayed in future exhibitions. 

The exterior “veil” will be comprised of 2,500 fiberglass reinforced concrete panels and 650 tons of steel. Installation of the veil exterior is expected to begin next spring."

The Broad will be on Grand Avenue right next to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, be prepared to see it in countless movies once it goes up. Hollywood will probably use it as a headquarters for a government agency or some other great events.