Sunday, September 8, 2013

RoboCop New Why The Trailer Offends Me

I've already been hurt so bad by the casting news of Superman/Batman. It's like they glossed over Green Lantern and learned nothing over at Warner Bros.

Then it felt like a car blew up in my face, but magically my face and one hand had no burns on them.

From the amazing story to how it even got made with it's creators being stuck in an airport with a studio exec and being inspired by the poster of Blade Runner to the love of fans today making a real statue going up in Detroit through kickstarter this "RoboCop New" holds nothing in comparison. From talking to a friend who doesn't even like the series, understanding the problems from the trailer to actually being in the audience of RoboCop and Peter Weller, the original RoboCop saying it would be awful. This upcoming reboot is nothing, nothing but garbage. Being in pre-production Hell for years, losing directors, all signs pointing to how bad it would be.  Now the trailer comes out.

My G-d , the cast of big name stars has no point being in it, it detracts from the film and only makes it a vehicle for them for cameos.

The level of just visual problems, such as a black version of the suit with a glowing red visor that gives away whatever "tactical" position RoboCop has. Please, someone due a shirt highlighting the new armor and a line connected to the visor with a tab reading "tactical". Then make that visor part glow in the dark.

Is RoboCop a ninja now? Is he a RoboNinja? I know the black suit was coming, but it still hurts.

The PG-13 rating managed by only bot on bot violence and visuals only taking place through RoboCop's computer eyes instead of seeing bad guys bloodily blown away.

No female partner.

No old man wearing a suit.

The new actor playing RoboCop is in a relationship with Olivia Munn, that's just saying something as we all hate her for some unknown reason.

RoboCop New I hate you.

Let's see what Kevin Tong does for the poster for Mondo.