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Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Make Finn Sword Bookmarks Already

Dear purveyors of Finn and Jake (Kaboom and Cartoon Network),

Please make sword bookmarks to promote Adventure Time books and comics. Dark Horse created a wonderful sword bookmark based on Link's first video game to promote The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia they released. They're beloved promo items, swallowed in droves by fans at conventions.

Please base them off of Finn's wide gallery of swords such as the golden one, which names is changed often by Pen Ward and marketing. The demon blood sword or the sword that appears in the logo. You could even have special edition sword bookmarks by different artists.

The similarities to Finn and Link are numerous and it makes perfect sense to give readers what they want, swords!

Fans you may notice the Link sword bookmark is being used to hold a page in the recent Adventure Time Vol. 2 Mathematical Edition, the hardcover version out now. Get it and discover Adventure Tim, time travel and creepy robots.

-In other Adventure Time comic news, due to an Amazon listing, we see a third Adventure Time graphic novel due out from Kaboom in 2014, the second hasn't even come out yet and it's about the Princesses of Ooo.

-I'm kind of unhappy there isn't a omnibus to buy as Kaboom is releasing a separate book just for Adventure Time covers, "Adventure Time Eye Candy" and one just for the shorts at the end of the book by indie artists separately.

-Mad's Season 5, Episode 4 had a mash-up of Adventure Time and 1600 Penn, who knew that was still on? 1600 Finn featured Finn as the President's son. Jake was also there as a chair and just being a good bro.

                              Below, check out the Jake engagement ring someone got.