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Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Jake the Dad

 Adventure Time Jake the Dad

Rainicorn puppies and a Jake hat await you upon the purchase of a new random collection of episodes featuring Jake and his pups. The new DVD collection contains some random episodes for you to view with your own pups. You might reward one with the Jake hat or take it for yourself, a perfect match for the Finn hat version still on shelves.

The Jake Hat you get in the set
The episodes on the disc are

1.Jake The Dad
2.Burning Low
4.Sons of Mars
5.BMO Noire
6.The Hard Easy
7.I Remember You
8.All the Little People
9.Mystery Dungeon
10.All Your Fault
11.Five More Short Graybles
12.Vault of Bones
13.Simon & Marcy
15.One Last Job
16.BMO Lost

via the AT wikia