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Monday, September 9, 2013

Vintage Sci-Fi Ray Gun Statue Award

The Geekie Awards might have just been another event to meet Stan Lee, but gave one of the coolest looking statues out to it's winners.

"The statue idea was conceived mere months prior to the show when Nedopak Productions approached Soulcake to request a “vintage sci-fi concept” and “something people will have fun with.” After weeks of sketching and brainstorming, Soulcake came up with the idea of a sci-fi ray gun that could be removed from it’s stand and transformed into a toy.
“The magnetized, detachable base was my partner David Morelock’s idea,” “He’s obsessed with magnets! (We’re in the process of getting him help.) We wanted the award statue to be dual purpose, so it works as a monument that glistens on the shelf and it accommodates the perfect pistol grip pose.” - Dane Storrusten, Soulcake Co-Founder and Principal Designer
Detachable base, you had me at detachable base