Saturday, September 14, 2013

Festival Supreme Oct 19

Festival Supreme
Oct 19 2pm-10pm
Santa Monica Pier

An insane line-up of comedians will be on the Santa Monica Pier this October. If a Sharknado came while they were there we'd be out of comedy, having to settle for who didn't make the cut. A full day of comedy comes from the wild dreams of Tenacious D. who already promoted the event at the Everything Is Festival at The Cinefamily last month. You'll be sure to hear promotions of this event echo through your spheres of influence until you sphere chock on it.

Has this many comedy acts be in one place at one time before. Will Norm Mac Donald show up to complain? He really did at the YouTube Comedy Week awards that weren't funny at all.

Probably more funny than the roast of James Franco, and more fun than Andy Samberg's Brookyln Nine Nine that might be cancelled by the time this festival happens.

No seating, only standing!