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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kickstarter LA: Albert Pyun's Career Celebration

There's a Indiegogo campaign going on now until Oct 21st for director Albert Pyun to screen possibly his last film, due to sickness, here in LA at the Arclight Hollywood. Does he deserve the screening? No. The slate of films he created are those mocked and considered B-List. He created such films like Alien from L.A. , where a teenage girl finds Atlantis under LA. It's much darker than you would think and the poster for it is the best thing going for this film. He also dis Cyborg with Van Damme and the 1990 Captain America film used to retain the rights until a better one could be made. Yeah, one came out in 1990.

You should check out the campaign just to see the break down of costs for advertising and renting a theater in LA.

 Albert Pyun's Career Celebration

Guys, I'm sure The Cinefamily would be more than happy to take you on if you call them up, New Bev too.