Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stop and Frisk: Damn, This Looks Like LA

Stop and Frisk, a series of reports on my playthrough of GTA 5, we haven't even gotten the online portion yet!

Los Santos is LA. From Hollywood and Highland to the Santa Monica Pier it's LA. An eerie, smaller condensed version of it. I found myself from time to time marveling at the likeness and being freaked out that my world or the world , LA ,  was so easily condensed. The only factor I found odd was the amount of people walking outside on the streets.

I haven't be delving that far deep into the story. I've been having laughs as Micheal, an older rich thug, living it up. Franklin, a young man trying to make it, learning the game. Trevor, my favorite, a complete and utter psycho gallivanting around town, shooting up the joint and just going, "Wait, haven't I been here" , for the many people who don't live in LA, I wonder why the Hell they even did it? For those of us who live in LA it's pretty sweet. I can't wait until the YouTube video of drive-bys of places or walks with comparison shots.

Other than marveling at the fake LA one has to give praise to Rockstar on this new open world game, where it matters little in completing missions and the main story when you missions pop up all the time at random. Playing so far I've had some strange ones.


As Micheal I've been trying to figure out the Epsilon Program, a very forceful jibe at Scientology. So far they've knocked me out, asked for money and I've ended up at satellite range in my underpants.

With Franklin I picked up a lonely girl on the road who was "sad" about her Mother's recent death. She sounded like a psycho, I believed I'd be fighting her in her house. Instead, I call her up for booty calls.

Trevor, I love Trevor. Stopping a women from digging her on grave I killed her two assailants. She promised a reward from her Mafioso father. Instead I dropped off at the Altruists, a cannibalistic cult out in the mountains that pays good money for bodies.

These and other moments pop up at random all over GTA. It makes the world feel alive. Very alive. As pointed out in other reviews one of the best concepts in the three man system to change up game play and make you feel brand new. When you leave one of the main three men and come back they are living their own lives. Making you feel like you take control of them from time to them like a cruel demon or some force of evil that makes them to do bad things.

I'll have more reports on the game later.