Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creepypasta: Ghostwatch Review

Creepypasta, reviews of horror to watch, games to play or other Halloween goodies. Creepypasta's real meaning is short online horror stories or urban legends.

Ghostwatch was a special that took place on the BBC in the early 90's. It was presented as a newscast of a live event with a family and their haunted house on Halloween. A mom and two daughters who were being haunted by a so-called ghost named "Pipes", getting it's name from the the sounds of pipes that  it made. The broadcast happens in real time and unfolds in both a special studio setup for Ghostwatch and live interactions at the house. Throughout the night it seems like the haunting is dis-proven, but events spiral out of control both in the studio and at the haunted house.

This one chills as it does still fill contemporary as the live broadcast feels like you're watching a live special. It felt so real to those in England when it aired that the BBC got multiple letters asking what happened.

There's some fun camera tricks where someone might be in a shot and then disappears, sound effects and even thermal imaging when it was still fairly new.

You might laugh at the mention at the mention of where the ghost is though to be, "the glory hole" which doesn't have the same meaning to Americans, to the English it's the door way for stair closet or closet to the basement.

It will chill you, it doesn't go for blood and guts scares, but the real moments of something being wrong and not being explained.