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Friday, September 27, 2013

LA Links: LAUSD iPad Debacle, SlapCon and black holes

 LA Times links all the way this time.

Who pays if L.A. Unified students lose or break iPads? 

Great coverage on the ongoing stupidity of the LAUSD trying to give every student an iPad. After the recent coverage of students working around security to access non-educational sites more questions were raised such as what happens if a student breaks one or has it stolen.

The LAUSD in its lack of wisdom has no set guidelines on what happens if an iPad is broken even though they started giving them out. Parents might have to pay if they signed one of the forms given out. One form, in Spanish, was auto-translated by computer making it incomprehensible in Spanish.

This ongoing saga show the vast amount of wasted funds given to the LAUSD and the failure of it's administrative body to do anything correctly.

What could have been an easy system, on par with checking out a book from a library has become incredibly stupid.

Would it be so insane to turn in your iPads at the end of class or login anew with each class. Simply have classroom iPads with numbers on them?

NPR moves weekend edition of 'All Things Considered' to L.A. area 

SlapCon: a gathering of pratfalls, props and punches

So sad I didn't get the word out on this one.

Stretch or Burn?
What happens when you fall into a black hole? Ask the experts, live 

Weird, I remember the theory that you would lengthen out and become a long piece of spaghetti from elementary school, there was a great picture of what it would look like in an illustrated book. Hopefully, your consciousness dies so you don't have to feel it. Now years later the new theory is you would burn in a fire wall? It just goes to show scientists are still f*cks with too much time on their hands thinking about the worst ways a human being could die.