Friday, September 6, 2013

Art Links: 3NES Show and More

Jesse Philips' NES Themed prints for the 3NES Show

Andrew Wilson's Stacking Mario piece for the 3NES Show

he also just did a new series of prints for the PRESS START...TO CONTINUE art show

BOO WHO? based on Boos from the Super Mario series

"Done exclusively for the PRESS START...TO CONTINUE Video Game show artist Andrew Wilson created 16 unique "BOO Puns" for his new Blind Pack Series.
Each Blind Pack comes with three hand signed and titled 5" x 7" giclee prints, each depicting one of the "BOOs". Scroll through the images to see the BOOS and the odds of each, including the extremely rare mystery BOO!"

Check out another piece of the show

LIZ AND SONGBIRD" by WP Van Overbruggen- Paper

Justin White "Will you play with me?"
Justin White "My, what a big bat!"
Justin White "The wolf bit you, didn't it?" print
from his Rated G: The Sequel show at Gallery 1988