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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stop & Frisk: Grand Theft Auto V Write-Ups

With GTA 5 due in just a few days I'm launching a log of what's happening in the game. The sights, the fights and media surrounding Los Santos which is an almost surreal look at LA, yet not that far from the truth.

The new name of this section, Stop & Frisk comes from the lovely policy of the Los Santos Police Department, where in Los Santos if you're too mouthy to the cops you might be stopped and frisked.
Check out the Los Santos Travelogue site to see what Los Santos will be like. There is going to be a lot of jokes at LA's expense and the city deserves it.

Look below to see how big Los Santos is. Online forums are already joking how the San Fernando Valley didn't get a funny named version of itself in the game, saw that one coming. Whose going to put the Valley in a video game? Join the conversation about city name deciphering through Reddit's LA section.
More updates to come and if I hear word of any launch parties I'll be telling you. Next time we might be talking about online gangs you can join for GTA Online.