Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Agents of Shield Was That Suppose to Be LA?

Agents of Shield recently premiered and it's first episode took place in our fair city. Here's some inaccuracies about it happening in LA that took me out of the show.  Agents of Shield still looks to be a top notch show with great continuity tied to the movies that once again put DC and Warner Bros to shame. Sure, it crammed in the economic problems of today in it's first story, which was a bit annoying, but still entertaining.

Mike Peterson is where with his son? That looks more like New York than East LA, quite sure it might be one of our backlots, looks like Universal.

One of the first commenters on the new Jim Steranko Heat Vision section on The Hollywood Reporter site, where he'll be reviewing Agent of Shield episodes, makes the mistake of thinking East LA is New York, hmmm.

Jim, who helped create Nick Fury and has wrote Nick Fury in comics for decades makes some good points of where the show is weak.

The what of New York? Why the Hell aren't the called the Avengers yet? Secondly, where in the Hell are there toy displays in East LA or anywhere in LA? Only toy display that comes to mind is Things From Another World Comics at CityWalk. Maybe Puzzle Zoo? It's like stores with TV's in the windows, those don't exist anymore.

Now that I think about it, yeah it was suppose to start in New York, but for some reason they had to switch to LA in the pilot.

Hmm, this shot with the building. That building sure is getting an nice shot for some reason.

Dad leaves son with hot dog cart guy? The hot dog cart guy looks like he should be in New York with that hat. Hot dog cart guy isn't Latino and doesn't have bacon hot dogs.

You can't park there at Union Station, you would be towed so fast. (Also, quite a lot of jackets for LA, haha. I'm sorry, people don't wear jacket like that unless it's really cold and that doesn't even happen in Winter here . Wardrobe, did such a bad job.)

Oh, it's the part of Union Station that's never open, except in movies and TV. It's okay to film there, but not to leave it open for the many people who use the station, would like to sit down, for shopping space, information, really it's a huge waste of space.

It's got historical status, but as you can see can still be used by people today. It's one of the dumbest parts of LA's transit system. Wonder where the money went for the filming? I guess I'll ask.

Not that many problems, just a few things that got to me.

Fire the location scout, wardrobe and casting.