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Thursday, September 5, 2013

RoboCop Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Alex, you need to speak your son.
Robocop is a pedophile now? Weird take on the story

 I'm sorry, did you make this a sticking drama piece of crap filler movie from today. You couldn't express Robocop's grief in memories like the original by just having flashback memories of his son or the fondess and sadness of expression of Robocop justly looking at a picture.

From the trailer thoughts

-Why the Hell are there so many big name actors in this for no reason. Answer gambling debts.

-Robocop is black for stealth? Is he a ninja or a cop?

-A car blew him up, so the movie is now more timid than an 80's movie with violence? Robocop gets blown away by bullets, not blown up.

-Not satire on today, could the trailer have been a little bit about current America or the issues we face and problems we face. No, it has to be stupid.

Well, 2014 is dead to me on movies.