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Monday, September 2, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Adventure Time ConQuest Signs

Adventure Time ConQuest was truly a quest worth ending for any Adventure Time fan. The quest this year at Comic-Con 2013 to earn a new Wizards Only Fools medal from Cartoon Network and Adventure Time took you back and forth around the different booths selling Adventure Time merch all over the convention hall and outside it. I've shot video of the quest, but pending me editing it and putting in much better narration here's most of the signs you had to look out for. Each sign was part of a multi- text message campaign. You had to enter each text leading to the next to progress the story of stopping the Ice King from collecting Princesses.

Some of these signs were hidden, some weren't even up.

"I say my good booth jockey, kindly stop selling those cartoon covered thumb drives and pick up that sign with a princess on it!"