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Monday, September 2, 2013

Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Signing Stories Books and Cafe

The boisterous laughter of Martin Olson could be heard down the line of eager fans past the shelves of new age modern books and the clicks and studying habits of college students who had no idea what was happening and just kept to themselves. I was sipping on my Lemongrab Sparkling Lemonade, a rare treat for a rare occasion that other fans will never have the pleasure of enjoying, while Martin, better known as the Lord of Evil on Adventure Time and the author of the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia took the time out of also writing for Phineas and Ferb to chat, laugh and interact with his fans. With him were the likes of the talented artists Tony Millionaire and Celeste Moreno who both did illustrations for the book. Then in his usual beard and backwards cap was the almost Santa like Pen Ward, if Santa was a pirate that is. The creator of Adventure Time doodled away on whatever fans brought before him with many fistbumps given out. No really, he gave out like three fistbumps while I was watching.

It was quite the heated Saturday in LA and the Stories and Books Cafe managed to keep out the heat, but not the fans. They came from all over LA. Humbertos Mendez came for his nephews and got stuff signed for them so they might think of him as the best uncle ever. Some fans could keep it cool with the other special drinks on the menu for the signing like the Lumpy Space Drinkcess, grape soda mixed with vanilla ice cream coming in a cup with LP's face on it.

Two members of Adventure Team, the Adventure Time-themed dodgeball team who I recently wrote about came out too. I was sad to learn the season was over, they lost and they are becoming a Game of Thrones based team next season.

Before the signing ended Adam Franklin and Rich Dorato of the trailer for Adventure Time Encyclopaedia  came for the event.

I asked if the child turned into a cake eating scene was inspired by Troll 2. It turns out it was inspired by Adventure Time's first episode "Slumber Party Panic" when the candy zombies get eaten mistakenly by blindfolded candy people believing they were hitting pinatas and eating the candy that came out. The scene was also suppose to have the child turn into a dog, but a dog was too hard to work with so they chose a cake instead.

Perhaps there was cake at the party and reading later that evening at 8pm, but I was already out at Meltdown listening to bad stand-up with "Set List" where one comedian didn't know what Tardis meant and turned it into a Jewish graffiti word.