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Friday, April 5, 2013

Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games Review Read For Insight or A Simple Guide

Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games

Kevin Schut takes us through his life as a Christian and a gamer. The book never felt that heavy on the Christian theme. It was more of a guide to what video games are for some who might never have play or experienced the multiple types that exist. There are many and Schut gives explanations of them as they are just a new form of media. The book delves into the philosophy about games and how they affect us not only through pure Christian doctrine. Kevin makes points about how games affect us and if they should be helping us and in the ways they can hurt us. Not in a skull and cross-bones way, but a realistic look way.

Reading the books seems like a polite conversation like you just wanted to chat with someone about games and might not thought about how the media can affect you. It's a nice fresh look at the different ways the media can affect us. It's not for those with just the Christian faith.

The book is Kevin's opinion of what is happening in video games and his thoughts are accurate and well though out and you can still draw on your own if you differ from his.

 The trailer below might be rethought though, it comes off as a bit dark for no reason. I would have just liked to discuss the book in polite conversation.