Thursday, April 18, 2013

Defiance Dumb

SYFY'S new 100 million dollar show Defiance is dumb.  There's many reasons to hate the show that one ponders how it came from someone who worked on Farscape and yet captures none of the good parts of Farscape. The most glaring fact for fans of SYFY channel is how much of a copy the show is of Eureka. A sheriff in a weird town with weird stuff happening, same plot, but now with aliens with a snarky daughter jammed in to.

The biggest waste of money I can't wait to see not come back and make Syfy fire so many people is the video game. A video game made by a very unknown and cheap company. There was suppose to be some sort of connection between the game and show, but whatever it is seems completely superficial.

More reasons the show is dumb (spoilers)
-dumb writing, you'll figure out what's going to happen in a scene before it's finished then plot points are announced over a megaphone
- female characters are either silent, useless or hookers
- one black guy are we back to Stargate SG1?
- There's one sheriff and deputy for a huge town.
-All government business is done by two people as well
-The town doc is also the town scientist
- That white haired guy is evil, remember that for the fifth time they show that he's up to no good
-The town defeats and army of killer robots, but suffers from only 41 dead
-Aliens are named Ben
-CGI car, real car, pick one
-If I stab you we're now friends