Thursday, April 18, 2013

James Turrell's Perceptual Cell Hold On

James Turrell's Perceptual Cell is so popular as part of his upcoming show for LACMA it's already sold out on Member preview days and has caused the online system to stop working as I write this. However, if your interested you can still call to set an appointment
Ticket Office at 323 857-6010

What is the Perceptual Cell? It's technically in a series of pieces from Turell. This piece, Light Reignfall, is a room filled with light created by . Only one person may enter at a time and lay on a sliding bed. For 12 minutes a technician will change settings in the room causing different light effects to let your mind and eyes wonder.

The cell isn't taken lightly with segments only happening every twenty minutes. It's not free either at $15 for members and $45 for non-members to experience it. You also have to sign a waiver form and check-in thirty minutes prior to your attendance.

You can check out the full detail here.
To learn more about the James Turrel Retrospective opening May 26 go here