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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jackie Chan: Police Story / Police Story II Double Feature Review

 Jackie Chan: Police Story / Police Story II Double Feature

Cocaine, cops and kung-fu with Jackie Chan. This two movie collection on one blu-ray disc features Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan, I love when the dubbers just don't care and leave him as Jackie Chan. Why should you watch? The martial arts! Jackie Chan's Police Story 1 and 2 feature some of his best early martial arts and stunts, it was the 1980s. As soon as you see cars running through a shanty town causing explosions and knocking TV's out of people's homes in the first few minutes of the first film you know your in for a real treat of action, comedy and Jackie Chan having to explain to his girlfriend how tough his job is. But Mai!!!

There's a silly convoluted plot about Jackie having to protect a prime witness from her former boss as a wild cop, but it only sets the standard model of Jackie having to save the day. In his younger roles he's less of a nice guy and more of a pompous jerk, who really lets his girlfriend down a lot and must redeem himself to his friends. By the second film he has to fight the same bad guy all over again, but now with even more locations to kick butt. One of them being a fireworks factory! The might have not known it, but they actually payed homage to Donkey Kong as Jackie had to make his way to save his girlfriend Mai throughout the factory while having barrels thrown at him.

Video quality isn't the strong suit here, whatever film stock they had for the Blu-ray version seems to have not been well kept and the dub it just cartoonish, but you can just switch to subtitles.
Oh boy, the English voice actors, sometime Jackie re-dubbed himself, but not for these two.

Seeing Jackie at his prime here is still amazing.You'll be going, "Ouch when you see him run up to someone on a motorcycle and kick them in the head.Taking on way to many thugs with his fists and his wits, no guns make me glad he eventually got a cartoon series on the late Kids WB.

The jokes are just pure corn, there's even a fart joke in the second film. These films were designed teenage boys to laugh at. Then there's bizarre rape joke in the first one that I don't know is just from bad translating or was okay to joke about in the 80's. It just comes out of no where. "When were you raped? What... a year ago? "

Remember all his stunts were real and none of the special effects were CGI, this was real action that films of today lack. Pick this up for an evening of fun and seeing people being kicked in the head.