Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DVD Reminder: Bruce Lee: The Big Boss / Fist Of Fury and Bruce Lee: Way Of The Dragon / Game Of Death, A Monster In Paris

Shout Factory has just released some classic Bruce Lee films on DVD. Both are going for only $12. You'll be getting some of his greatest martial art classics and that strange one (Game of Death) where he died during filming so a very improbable situation of wearing sunglasses all the time happens.

Bruce Lee: Way Of The Dragon / Game Of Death


Coliseum fight anyone?


This is a classic. A strange, but martial arts filled classic. Old beard chin Chuck Norris shows up just for fun in the first few minutes. This has intermixed footage of Lee and someone playing him as he died during it's filming. Featuring some amazing fights and the premise of having to defeat a boss to advance like in a video game his film has been parodied and it''s ideas reused over and over again. Lee's classic yellow black suit and a bizarre foreshadowing of how his son would die in real life.

Bruce Lee: The Big Boss / Fist Of Fury


Drugs in the 70's lead to bad situations.


My least favorite of the bunch, because it tried to mix in a message with a way too much violence.

A Monster In Paris

This is one of those weird CGI films that hasn't made it's way on to HUB's or Cartoon Networks weekend movie showings. From the director of Shark Tale you have France flooded in the early 1900's. A love story or two and a giant flea who can only sing to communicate. As a kid's movie it's something you can have your rugrats enjoy, but if you're a fan of animation perhaps sit this one out.
Coming from the director of Shark Tale I though there would be some more musical numbers, though you get one by Sean Lennon, John Lennon's son who sings with Johnny Depp's wife? 

A sidekick monkey strikes a strange similarity with another simian from the Sony flop The Pirates! Band Of Misfits.

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