Sunday, April 21, 2013

Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1984 Game Pack Review

Time for more old-school game reviews again.

1984 Game Pack
PlayStation Store/ XBLA

1942- The predecessor for 1943 makes it's debut. I like 1943 more. A airplane shooter has you taking down enemy aircraft. How long you remain in the air is up to your skill.

SonSon- Wow, this character changed a lot over the years. In fact SonSon in Marvel Vs. Capcom is actually the granddaughter of the main character from this game, weird. Talking about weird the design of the game comes from the book Journey to the West and has you platforming up and down a screen dodging enemies while collecting vegetables. You can shoot enemies that get to close because when touched by them you die. It's fun to to dodge and shoot it this colorful old title.

Pirate Ship Higemaru- This is a classic old school game with a silly concept of picking up barrels on a ship and tossing them at pirates. It sort of like Bomberman, but more like you're a sailor throwing barrels a pirates. Oddly and silly enough some barrels have fish in them, collect fish from barrels for more points. It's fun repetitive silliness.