Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doctor Who Review Bloody Bad Cold War We're Having?

S7E09 Cold War

What a bloody bad episode!

My word, what a terrible episode of Doctor Who. I've read a few reviews (Twitch) (io9) online enjoying the comeback of the Ice Warriors which is fine, but no one seems to be mentioning how out of place the British accents and actors were in the episode. Though it's mentioned the Tardis translates everyone's word, I'm fairly sure none of the Communist era Russians would utter the phrase, "bloody" as one did. That's quite a British saying, my love. Why not give the Russians, hhhmm Russian accents at least. Then you have Lieutenant Stepashin played by Tobias Menzies and Professor Grisenko played by David Warner both very British. David Warner you've probably seen hundred of times in other stuff as a well known British actor.

The episodes use of bloody and bizarre use of clearly British people for Russian soldiers shows a lack of care from the current caretakers of the show. This season seems sinking like a submarine.