Monday, April 8, 2013

Hero Complex Film Festival Content Revealed Darabont!

Taking place later this May is the returning Hero Complex Film Festival, which just revealed its line up, which you can see below.

Roland Emmerich and del Toro will be there for some Q and A so it's bound to be fun. Remember if you have bucket of fried chicken you can feed del Toro, but no bones. Hey, they're showing he's film The Devil’s Backbone, nice.

Even the bitter over getting fired from The Walking Dead Frank Darabont will be there, he's really going to make the next Godzilla movie bad. I had high hopes with Monsters' Gareth Edwards directing, but Darabont being put on the script with some stupid notion of a deeper plot than Godzilla being the threat of nuclear war and it's effects on the environment, which is very prevalent to day with the recent Japanese Tsunami nuclear reactor accident and threat of war with North Korea. He wants the personification of those fears to be something else? Sorry, I just hate him.

Doesn't mean you can't enjoy him rattling on about his creation being stolen from him and AMC's dump trucks of money, he's still getting money from the show too. He just doesn't work on it in anyway. So maybe ask him how that feels.

It all ends with the X-Files and its creator Chris Carter.

Hero Complex Film Festival
May 10-12
Chinese Theaters

Fri. May 10:
·         Iconic filmmaker John Carpenter will talk about his storied career between showings of “They Live” and “Halloween.”
Sat. May 11:
·         “The Mist” and a lively discussion with Frank Darabont on adapting Stephen King and exploring the human side of horror.
·         A double feature of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Devil’s Backbone” between which director Guillermo del Toro will talk about the making of the films and what inspires him.
Sun. May 12:
·         The alien-invasion classic “Independence Day” and a conversation with director Roland Emmerich, who will also chat about his upcoming “White House Down.”
·         An “X-Files” extravaganza with creator Chris Carter talking about the production of his cultural touchstone, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In a new twist, three uncut episodes of the fabled TV show will be featured: the original “Pilot,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space