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Friday, April 5, 2013

Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival May 2- May 12

The Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival returns this May. 29 years in a row now, this festival knows what to show. Featuring up and coming Asian directors.

Here's the full schedule, below are some of my top picks

Key of Life
May 09 - 7:00PM  CGV Cinemas 1
A suicidal actor switches places with a hitman, comedy from Japan

May 04 - 4:00PM  Directors Guild of America 1
"A “Sake-Bomb” is a cocktail created by dropping a shot of sake into a pint of beer. It’s also a comedic road movie about a sarcastic Asian American and his Japanese cousin...."

The end of the trailer and the cosplay grabbed me.

Best Friends Forever
May 10 - 10:00PM  CGV Cinemas 2

Friendship at the end of the world.

May 04 - 9:30PM  Directors Guild of America 1
Been waiting for this one. A self-hating Asian becomes a serial killer.